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  1. Hi Eric. Thanks for the video. This really helped. I would like to mention though that the video outcome does help if you create a 2nd floor first, and apply the routine to a 2nd floor. I tried the video's method first, but found out that the dormer outside wall belonged to the first floor wall. This meant that when placing windows on the dormer outside wall, the windows actually ended up being on the first floor, meaning I had to changed the 'from floor' specs of them to push them up to the dormer level, but then when it came to changing the interior material of the walls, as it was one wall from the 1st floor, it did not work. I looked at pony walls, but decided to redo the whole lot with a 2nd floor before the above tutorial. All sorted now, so thanks once again for your assistance.
  2. Hi Rookie. Thanks for the response. Yes, I'll try that. Using Home Designer Pro 2024 btw.
  3. Hi all. Looking for a bit of help to rectify a house design issue I'm facing. I've build a simple house, and made both ends gable ends to enable me to add a floating dormer.The dormer runs the full lenght of the house/roof. When I add the dormer, it won't let me build the dormer end wall directly above the existing exterior wall on the lower level. Because of this, I am left with an angled step that isn't there in the house I'm modelling from. Could someone advise me on how to remedy this so the wall becomes flat by removing the triangular piece in essence. I've attached a screenshot of the issue and highlighted it with an arrow. Hope it makes sense. Thanks in advance. VoxT3R.