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    transferring plan from Home Designer 2016 to 2015??

    Thank you David and KBird for the insight into difficulties of Chief Architect's Home Designer Pro's compatibility with previous versions Other programs do not have that problem as much but there is potential loss in the translation from one version to the next. I found out my client's version is not 2015, but the 2010 version so there is a greater gap to update.
  2. Thank you David and Kbird. Since it wasn't working, I deleted the tubs and just used one from the core library. However, I will pay attention to how it is being imported next time or use sketch up to revise it.
  3. I have Home Designer Pro 2016 version. When I downloaded several 3d bathtubs from Kohler and inserted them in plan view, the 3d orthographic view was perpendicular and it was the same when vice versa. Is there a reason for this and how do I get both views to be consistent with each other? Thank you.
  4. dznr4u

    transferring plan from Home Designer 2016 to 2015??

    Oh yes, it is Home Designer Pro 2016.
  5. I am an Interior Designer and recently bought Home Designer 2016 because my client has HD 2015. When I tried to transfer my plans to the client's computer via thumbdrive and email (I tried saving, exporting as dxf, utilizing dropbox, etc), the client was not able to open the file on the 2015 version and access it. Is there a method of doing this so the client can have full access to all the features in the HD program?