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  1. you da man! no idea why it worked, but it did! Thanks!
  2. Hi Guys Using HD Pro 2021 Managed to get new second floor added. One problem. My gable over front door won;t draw. I defined the long wall as Full Gable and the two short walls as hip walls. It should look like front.jpg, but with a 4/12 pitch Anyone got any idea why? Thanks Mark 3rd_Floor_new.plan 3rd_Floor_new.plan
  3. thanks. that did it. got a few other issues to resolve, but it's getting there
  4. I had those options. I can live with a few inches of wall being added: the model is for visualization of remodel of 2nd floor (attic) (not for plans or materials) I added some interior walls and they are a few inches high. Seems like I need Open above or something First Floor No Stairs or Cabinets - Ext Steps and Basement - test floor 3.plan
  5. Thanks for quick reply. I'm using auto roofs. Added a second floor with abs ceiling height same as floor. Seems to have added more brick for new joists, but it's got sistered joists
  6. Hi All Using HD Pro 2021 I finished basement and 1st floor, now I need to layout the interior of the attic. As you can see from attached the pix, it has knee walls and a vaulted ceiling with collar ties The roof goes all the way down to the original hip walls (i.e. first floor ceiling). The current attic in HD has no ceiling or floor. When I add a half wall for one of the knee walls I get a message saying I probably want to add another floor, but not sure how, as the wall height at the exterior is actually 0" How should I do this? Tha
  7. Hi all Using HD Pro 2021 My model is coming along well. Newest problem is that porch roof is too high (walls are too tall). The porch is 8" below main floor, so I set floor to -8" The windows are 72" high and only 10' from the start of the (vaulted) ceiling. I've set the absolute ceiling height to 82, but regardless what value I set the roof never moves Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks Mark First Floor No Stairs or Cabinets - Ext Steps.plan
  8. Hi All Using HD Pro 2021 Managed to build most of the house I'm working on in HD Pro, but realized I did a several things incorrectly (ext wall makeup being one), so I decided to start over and set all the defaults first. Drew the perimeter and want a simple gable roof. All walls are identical (except long sides are hip walls and short sides are full gable), so no idea why I'm missing the brick on the hip walls and why there is a gap at the bottom (see attached) Anyone got any idea what I've done wrong? Thanks Mark
  9. Hi Guys Using HD Pro 10 Having many issues with trusses. I have my framing complete I can't add trusses without roof planes (asks me if I want to create general framing member) Build roof planes: Get this (roof planes hidden). I assume the walls have to be extended thru the gable at this point Add first truss. All looks OK Copy trusses Seem to have truss and gable end wall Seem to have birdsmouth cut on truss Change end truss to dropped end. Lose overhang and it sinks into top plates I figure I MUST be doi
  10. mark2457

    Import DXF

    Thanks I bought Pro 10 a few years back for a big remodel. Can't justify the upgrade to latest version. Will try and find a dxf converter
  11. Hi All I built a truss roof with an 18" overhang. For some reason the overhangs isn't aligned with remainder of roof. Can anyone tell me why and how to fix? screenshots and project attached (using HD Pro 10 BTW) Garage Slab and Trusses - pitch 4-12.plan
  12. mark2457

    Import DXF

    Hi David It's a regular DXF file, but for some bizarre reason you can't upload dxf files to this forum, so I added the .txt extension so the forum software doesn't complain
  13. mark2457

    Import DXF

    Hi Guys Anyone had any luck importing DXF files? I want to purchase a site plan on line and import into HD Pro 10. But all I get is the database conversion dialog for hours (file attached, but with txt extension because I can't upload DXF) Regards mark 2000 Vista Rd v2004.dxf.txt
  14. Hi Guys I have a plat of survey that is 1":20' scale. I need to produce a site plan and a version of the survey that has the location of my new detached garage. Is there a way to place the existing survey as a background image and "trace' over it with cad tools? If not what's the easiest way to recreate? I started by transferring coordinates point by point, but it's laborious process. i'm sure there's a better way regards mark
  15. it worked, but was a lot more work than I anticipated (and a lot of cleanup to do afterwards)