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    Multiple roof pitchs

    Home Designer Pro 2016 I am working on a 1 1/2 Story home plan with a main roof pitch of 12/12. I have a seperate roof on the first floor with a pitch of 6/12 intersecting the main roof. When I use the Auto Rebuild Roofs it changes my 6/12 to a 12/12. I have tried using the Roof Planes tool but have not been able to bring the roofs together. Any help is appreciatedTest One.plan
  2. neil_L

    Multiple roof pitchs

    Thank you Kbird Not using the break wall tool first is where I was going wrong. I was trying to change the pitch on the gable end wall. I spent several days using the reference manual, users guide and the Home designers web site. It is a matter of asking the correct question to finding the answers in the available sources. My house was built in 1935 and has a ceiling height of 88 inchs upstairs and downstairs. I had not changed the ceiling height upstairs after making the 1 1/2 story because I had redrawn the house muiltiple times trying to find the problem.
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    1 1/2 Story

    Could somebody tell me how to add a floor for a 1 1/2 story house. I cannot find a way to change the ceiling height on the second floor without creating exterior walls except for the gable ends.