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  1. Thanks Keith, but that is what I did first and why I asked the question. I see I wasn't clear in my first post. That wall in the picture is a straight glass pony wall with glazed glass. Nothing shows up above the tiled lower half. There is a slot in the room molding that indicates glass is there, but I don't see any glass. However when I put in a soffit and changed it to glass, I can see it. I'm probably doing something wrong, but I thought this would be a very simple thing to do with the straight glass pony wall. I've seen some suggestions about putting in pony wall as you said and then in an elevation view to select the glass and pull it down to the height I wanted, but when I select anything around the wall, all I can get is the bottom part. I can't select the glass at all, I guess because I can't see any glass.

  2. I think I solved the problem. I used a half wall and a soffit. Changed the material of the soffit to be glass and it shows up like I expect. Still not sure why glass shower wall looks like there is nothing there. I'm just learning how versatile soffits can be. Apparently, they can be almost anything.

  3. My poor feeble brain is having trouble with adding a shower wall similar to the one below with tile below and glass above. I've read the knowledge base and watched videos, but my shower keeps coming up like this with what looks like half a wall with no glass.


    image.thumb.png.87263a6215577f43b6cf6e8dad0d43dd.png                                          image.thumb.png.da7ae34b1b7c6e091699febbfb85bd36.png 


    I put in a glass shower wall and selected pony wall interior tile with a height of 48". I don't understand why the glass doesn't show up even though the material is frosted glass and the only indication I have of a piece of glass is where the molding is cut. I only want a low tile wall with a piece of glass, maybe with a frame that is around 24" tall. The tile wall may get a cap like the picture. I would like the glass to show as if something is there. I would upload my file, but again it is too big. I stripped everything out of it but the walls shown, but it is still 16 megs. Is there something I can do to get the file size down so it can be submitted?


    13 hours ago, Robborito said:

    So the software you imported to is HDPro2024 - or something else that handles stereolithographic files (stl)?

    I'm trying to get a handle on the process here.


    Why stl and not dae? 



    I made a new plan in HD Pro 2024 that only had the shower pieces that I wanted to modify. You have to be in full camera mode to see a 3d view of the pieces. If you export from a plan view, you only export a 2d version. In HD Pro Go to file select export to stl and hit enter.


    I tried .dae but the shower blocks came in as full blocks that I could not explode or modify in any way except to erase.


    I then opened a new file in my software, Avicad, which is a very good substitute for AutoCad and imported the .stl file. Since I was trying to separate the shower control valve and shower head, I had to import the shower system 2 times. Once to erase the shower head and save the control valve and then again to only save the shower head. I then exported each file as a .stl file and imported them separately into my shower. You must be in a plan view to import the pieces, but once imported they act just like any library symbol.


     David suggested using Sketch Up, which may work better than what I did, but I don't have any experience with that. 

  5. Jeff, the process that worked best for me was David's reply, which I said was a solution. Eric's solution kind of worked for me, but I thought it was very cumbersome trying to get all the surfaces that made up that shower system deleted. When I did a combination of David and Eric's solutions, I got the best result. I was able to export the object as a .stl file. Import it into my software and save the valve and shower head as separate files. Then I inserted those files into my shower as separate objects and located them like I wanted with the shower head on one wall and the valve on another close to the door. Not sure if I answered your question, since I'm just trying to figure how to get things done in HD Pro. What I do know is I really appreciate this forum and all the people that are willing to help someone like me get past the speedbumps. I would have given up before I got started if not for this forum. So thank you all and hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a great New Year!

  6. Thanks to you both for your reply. I thought all the blocks in the library were architectural blocks. I have software, Avicad that I use for Autocad type drawings. It was able to import and then export the modified 3d symbols. So again thank you David and Eric for your reply.

  7. I'm designing a bathroom. My plan only has the one room in it, but when I tried to upload the file, it was huge and even when I stripped it down to what is shown in the image I uploaded, it was 13.7 mb! Then I got a message about an unknown server issue, so I couldn't even upload that.So please look at the image to see the components I was trying to work with. I wanted to explode the Zline shower system so I could put the control valve on a wall near the shower door. It would not let me do that. Then I inserted the 2 Kohler components, thinking I could combine them by putting the shower head on the end of the drop down pipe. No luck there either. Can someone explain what I'm doing wrong? I'm using HD Pro 2024 and I just updated my catalogs to have the latest.

    Thank you for your help.

    Bathroom fixtures.jpg

  8. I was revisiting this today and one thing that wasn't clear in the instructions in the User's Guide was that I was supposed to build roof over 1st floor with 12/12 pitch, then turn off auto build roof before adding the 2nd floor. This kept the building to 1 story and my second floor was within the walls as described in the instructions. I'm just posting this to maybe help some other newbie, that is trying to follow the instructions and learn how to do manual dormers.

  9. I'm trying to build a garage with a workshop. I want the roof to look like this picture . I broke the wall on this end , made them each a full gable and gave it 2 different pitches. 4/12 and 9/12. All seem well until I went to the other side.





    When I go to the other side to mod the short wall from hip to gable ..................................I get this. The whole roof changes to a 4/12 pitch. Can anyone please explain what is happening? Practice Garage 1.plan




    Practice Garage 1.plan

  10. Thanks for that Keith. I'm not sure my way wasn't simpler than that. But I thought this was pretty much a standard thing to be able to just put a roof on any floor, then build rooms between the joists. My way of just putting a new blank floor on was very simple for this test application, As I said, I'm just learning this and thought there may be a reason not to do it as I did. I really appreciate you taking the time to work on this. The thing that really throws me is the user guide tutorial said to just add the second floor, but their picture shows a one-story with 12 12 pitch roof.

  11. I'm following the instructions for Manually Drawn Dormers in the HD Pro 2023 Users Guide. Drawing a basic building 30 x 40. It says draw first floor, then Build New Floor by "Derive new floor from 1st floor plan". Below is what I get when I do that. Below that is what I want. I was able to get what I wanted by making "New Blank Floor" and just drew the 2 new walls in and changed them to knee walls. Are the instructions wrong or much more likely, do I have a setting or my technique wrong? Thanks







  12. Is there some setting that would make doll house view not work correctly. I get image.thumb.png.91cb62528cd67c528c5e3662df69a5ae.pngwhen I try. Everything looks fine in Full Overview. I made a second-floor plan which has some finished areas in the attic and doll house view from the second-floor plan gives me this. Thanks for any help.

  13. Eric, I just realized you were sending me to a video of my roof. Sorry I didn't pick up on that before. I thought you were just telling me to check out the dutch gable settings. Which I did and I got nothing. Now after viewing your video I see what you did for that. I'm not sure I'm smart enough to manipulate roof lines like you and Gary did, but I'll give it a shot. Please know that I really appreciate you experienced guys taking the time to help out us newbies. I'm sure I will have other questions about this same file as I complete the second floor. It has a small finished area that at least some of it is determined by the useable space between the gable joists above the garage. That's why I didn't finish the second floor before trying to work the roof.


  14. Thank you very much Gary. It looks like there are many areas of roof design that is a judgement call. I followed your video and used the room divider. Then selected the porch and removed the roof over that room. Then made new roof planes and joined them. Stretched the roofs to the ends of the porch. All was good up until this point. I will attempt to get the lines to line up like you did later. But this is where your experience with the program really shines. Do you have any way for me to make sense of what you did? Like things to think about or look out for while breaking and merging. There are so many things to consider while using the program and while it generally does an amazing job, for someone just starting out it is easy to just get lost. I didn't know about using the 2 and 3 keys, so thank you for that also. All of you that take the time to make videos are very much appreciated and you make it look so easy, but as I said before, it just ain't that easy. Have a good weekend. 

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  15. Again, thank you very much. I'll keep your suggestions in mind. Looks like if nothing else I'll at least learn how to ask for help.:) I'm not sure what I changed to cause the roof problem. I didn't think I changed anything but the wall height for the rooms. I was working with the 3d overall and dollhouse open. I just closed them before uploading, because not really understanding the file structure of Home Design, I thought the file size would be smaller.

  16. I have a simple building. I made just to work with roofs. When I started I made the default wall height 18'. Drew my exterior walls, then selected the room on the left and the one on the right to make the walls 8'. Then checked out the auto roof. The only thing I was able to get correct was the shed roof on the right. As you will see when opening the file the rest of the roof is a disaster. What I'm trying to get is simply a full gable on the short sides with a pitch of 4/12. I don't have any interior walls in yet, so not sure if I did, would I treat those rooms differently. As in do I specify roofs over each room? I have looked at and followed along with many roof tutorials, but always accepted the defaults and things worked as I thought they should. So I guess it is something I did changing the default settings. Also as you can see the material on 2 walls is not correct the whole way up or down. I want the wall inside the roof to be sheetrock, but siding above the roof. As always thank you very much for your help. 

    Roof Test.plan

  17. I placed the windows on the side of the garage in the attached file. Need to place them in the proper location, but when I select a window, I can't edit the dimension. The small standard window in the back of the garage works as I expected, but none of the windows on the side work for me. Please, what am I doing wrong? I was expecting to need help on this as I will need to customize the windows to have a bigger than normal lintel along with some other customization, but not on how to move the darn thing. Thank you for your help and if there are videos out there that show how to customize window and door frames, please point me in the right direction on that too Thanks again.

    Daniel Garage 1.plan

  18. Thank you very much for your input on this. I will try your solution later. As I am very new at this and right now I'm just trying to help our Volunteer Fire Department get a layout for submittal to our Board of Supervisors for their approval. After that they will get a real architect to properly design this building. What I did to get the visuals was selected the wall surfaces that extended above my 8' roof and pulled them down. That left the posts extending up. I selected them and it would not let me pull them down, but when I pulled them along the wall, they disappeared. I'm pretty sure that the structure is not correct and would not be acceptable for a real design, but for now this will be ok. I also think it may be better to have these rooms outside the big structure. This will make the bay area with 18' walls smaller. These rooms would then be just outside the bay area and would have a shed roof.