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  1. Just the ticket, thanks Scott. Although I should have been more diligent with layers as leaving the CAD layer on to align the footprint meant I had a nightmare with snapping to other CAD objects. Done it now though
  2. Ok, new here, go easy :) I've had a bit of a hard time with creating a decent representation of the properties terrain from importing dwg and xyz data. So, I ended up overlaying features, terrain splines, lines, regions and points to more suitably represent my sloped lot with numerous existing retaining walls. I have to create stepped foundations, so I felt working to a realistic sloped plot footprint was best. The building addition and alterations will have to be defined to the sloped lot also., Anyway, I finally have a decent terrain perimeter that's rendering well enough. However, I have my "as built" building on another file with a poor attempt at the terrain, as well as another as built building file with zero terrain. Can I combine these two files to put my "as built house" onto the "decent terrain" only file? I have tried the export dwg "all floors" and imported these into the terrain file. However this just gives me CAD blocks, not editable walls like in the "as built" file. Any suggestions welcome? Hopefully I'm missing something simple and don't have to build the house all over again. Thanks in advance Jonny HDPro23