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  1. Here is the plan file. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've searched for videos and other directions but I can't find anything for a complex hip roof like this. I want the living room, foyer and dining room to be "open to below" from the second story, which I'm also having trouble with as I don't know how to move the walls up or why the staircase isn't showing on the 2nd floor view. Shamrock.plan
  2. Hey guys. I'm new here. Only been working with the software for about a week. I am trying to create a two story house with an "open to below" living/foyer area but I'm having trouble with the roof. Every time I try and clock a plane (green dotted line) to move something it goes terribly wrong. Somehow the connections no longer meet up and I end up with walls jetting out of the roof. I'm trying to just adjust the places where the roof lines slope downward. I want them to just run straight across but the only way I seem to be able to do that is to make things a perfect square, which I don't want. Anyone know the fix? Thank you.