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  1. Sorry, I should have highlighted it - it's the sauna ceiling circled in red, which I wanted to have cedar. I couldn't choose separate materials for the sides and the ceiling, so the ceiling was also tiled. So I added thin "walls" to the soffit to be able to give the ceiling and sides different materials: I tried this earlier, but I could not find a way to assign different materials or colors to different sides of a soffit - I think the soffit is considered an "object", and that's the lowest selection level I could find - there is not an option to apply finishes to only a surface. I could not find a way to assign a finish to the pony wall. In fact it was in one of David Potter's tutorials that he had the same exact issue and used a polyline rectangle to create a pony wall top.
  2. Thanks, I did something similar based on a tutorial I found - I made a polyline rectangle then converted it to a slab.
  3. Ah that worked, thanks! Is this the same approach for other objects where I may want to assign a material to just one side? Also, and idea why my pony wall top is unfinished rough framing?
  4. Is it possible in Home Designer Pro to assign a material to just one surface? I'm trying to design an interior sauna. It has a dropped ceiling, which I modeled as a soffit (see picture below). But I can't find a way to assign tiled surface to the outside of the soffit, and cedar planking to the ceiling of the soffit - I can only change all the surfaces of the soffit to one type. Same issue for the pony wall, the end of it inherits the same material as the inside.. As a small aside, I can't seem to assign any material to the top of the lower pony wall, it just looks like framing material.
  5. In case anyone comes across this issue in the future, I figured out the problem. All of my glass defaults (windows, doors, skylights) were set to Glass Grey in the Transparent Glass materials options. For some reason grey glass does not transmit sunlight in my model (even though it says Transparent). Once I switched the glass to Glass Standard, I got the result I wanted. Very strange. Here's an example with the glass door having grey glass, and everything else being standard.
  6. I'm getting an error trying to upload the actual plan (it's 13MB, so below the 14MB max size). But I did open a new plan, and copied and pasted the original plan into it, and lo and behold, the interior shadows work! I didn't change any default settings, so this is a mystery to me, but I guess I'll just trudge on and not ask "why".
  7. It only works on the outside. Here is the outside with shadows toggled on and off (look at the shadows near the grill): But on this inside, it only changes the shadows from the ceiling lamp:
  8. Thank you, bit I believe the shadows have been set to on:
  9. It has no effect on the interior, there are no shadows at all. I get shadows with the lights on: But as soon as I adjust the sunlight, all shadows go away: The outside part of the house does get shadows as expected: I wonder if it's some kind of a technical glitch rather than something I'm doing (or not doing)?
  10. I'm a fairly new user to Home Designer Pro, so sorry if this is a dumb question. I'm having trouble with shadows inside the house. The first attached picture is Chief's tutorial which shows how sunlight can supposedly cast shadows inside the home. The second picture is my house model showing the outside of the house, just outside a bedroom, where the sun shadow is properly cast. But the third picture is inside that same bedroom, and there is no shadow. Am I doing something wrong? If it helps, I don't have any interior lighting set up.