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  1. Using the half wall I was able to create the tiled shower lip, but I actually need the door to be narrower and adjoin to a class wall. The problem is that I cannot create a glass wall to encase the shower door without obliterating the shower lip, which means the shower walls don't join as the shower wall sitting on the tub deck is actually glass "wainscoting."
  2. Jo_Ann thank you for your quick response! I don't want a frame around the glass.
  3. Hello - In Home Designer Suite 2023 I am trying to create an enclosed glass shower similar to the one below. I need: Glass walls not to be full height to the ceiling. Half wall/knee wall is the tub deck (I am familiar with using a cabinet feature to create the tub deck). Base of glass wall on the left to start at top of tub deck. Base of shower door and glass wall to sit on 5" tiled shower lip as it does in this rendering.