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  1. Thank you solver. the paint tool worked and it is looking great. Kirk - That is a great article. I have been using it a lot but it did not address how to change the surface on the Chase to stone inside the house only without changing all other walls. The paint feature that Solver pointed out worked perfect with after using this article to build it
  2. Thank you... can you explain a little more.. .I want to know how to add stone to the fireplace on all three sides. I like the idea of building it myself but I don't understand "use walls like it will be built". Do you mean use Interior walls, 2x4? I have tried that and I cannot add stone to them. I have figured out how to do the window passthrough and fireplace with fire... all good. I just need help understanding how to get rid of the auto trim on the three fireplace walls and adding stone from floor to ceiling.
  3. I am attaching several images. The one with the fireplace was the version when I used the Build... fireplace option. I don't want it to show outside at all on the back. This is a screen porch with one wall framed and closed in and the other two open railing. I am learning so I know it is not great. I cannot figure out how to get the support posts to work correctly either if that is an easy answer. Fireplace is more important PROPOSED BASEMENT FINISH.dwg
  4. This is more than likely already been posted somewhere but I cannot find the right answer. I want to add a fireplace in the house and place a specific cultured stone on the THREE sides of the fireplace. I have tried many different solutions from Build ... fireplace to creating a large soffit and covering it in stone. I have cabinets that will be flanking it on each side. In real world, we would frame the walls out first then apply OSB or Durroc then apply the stone. I am not too concerned with it being exactly correctly materials but would love any advice from you guys. Home D
  5. chadkee

    Getting Started

    I just got back home and really appreciate all the excellent advice. I will be getting to bed late tonight checking it all out. Thank you
  6. chadkee

    Getting Started

    I have read it. Many times I only do basements for the job. That what this one is. Just a basement. I am just wanting some good advice on how to work with an as built or renovation project. How to get accurate measurements drawn out. I can figure it out but I figured there might be best practices on how to go from measuring a space to getting it into a job
  7. chadkee

    Getting Started

    Thank you. couple of questions. I know how to set default foundation. That is all good. I don't know how to change default dimensions. I assume that is better than using interior dimension tool and doing one at a time. Basically any suggested process flow I would really appreciate. Currently this is what I have done 1 - Measure the basement - Done 2 - Drew basic that is roughly close to the size of the basement 3 - System automatically creates a roof that I then deleted 4 - Dimensions were auto created. If I knew the outside measurements I could do it just f
  8. chadkee

    Getting Started

    I am starting to use this software and wanted recommended steps or setup to help in the process of getting as built measurements for basements into plan. When I measure an unfinished basement I am inside the space. I can get good measurements but what is the best practice to getting the initial perimeter outline done accurately since my measurements are from the inside
  9. I have attempted to do all the suggestions. I am now at a stoping point again. I will attach my current file and if any of you can explain to me how to correct the walls / roof on the second floor, I would appreciate it. 243 Huckleberry Lane Master & Loft.plan
  10. Thank you for all the help! I am very new to using the software. I am contractor and do a-lot of the designing but simply don't understand the software yet. This is our property that we want to modify and I thought I would use to practice some of these skills. I will attach a few photos for those of you who have been giving me suggestions so you can see the real house. Basically a rectangle... Almost 2/3 of the right side is all 2 story room or vaulted room. The other 1/3 is the bedrooms and bathrooms. The work I will be doing is to the upper bedroom and the loft next to it. I will try
  11. The entire house is one story with a steep pitch roof. Half of the house (Family Room) is vaulted and open. The other half is bedrooms on main floor and in the attic or second floor. I am trying to figure out how to do this. I have been reading and testing different ideas from the forums and the knowledge base for the better part of the the last 6 hours
  12. I need help getting the roof correct and the two story room. We have a cabin that is a rectangle as shown on the plans. the house has a roof located directly on top of the first floor walls. The pitch is 12/12. The right side of the house that says family room is a vaulted ceiling. I first would love to know how to make it vaulted and remove the floor. The second issue is that I am wanting to raise the roof on the back of the house across the bedroom and bathroom so that we have a full height room to the edge of the house. It will basically appear like a large shed roof dorme
  13. chadkee

    Stair Knee wall

    I am very new to using the software. I am using HD Pro 2018. I have spent days trying to figure out what is probably simple answers. I don't want to bother anyone but hoping you guys can help me out. I am designing a basement and you will see in the photo that I have an open staircase at the end or bottom of the stairs. I am trying to figure out how to do this properly. I want to be able to show Iron Pickets with wood handle. The stairs treads will be box treads with a small knee wall on the open side. the pickets will come directly out of the knee wall with trim on it. I cannot figu