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  1. bbrother

    CMU walls not displaying in framing overview

    Really? wow never would have guessed that. thank you again for your help.
  2. bbrother

    CMU walls not displaying in framing overview

    Thanks for the tip on my signature. I meant to add that in my question, but forgot. Home designer Pro 2014. so if the CMU walls don't show up on framing overview, where will I find a view that shows the CMU walls with framing members? I'm doing a small project that I need drawings for the permitting process. Thanks again
  3. Hi . I'm having trouble getting the CMU walls to show up in the framing overview. this happens with full walls as well as a portion of a pony wall. As you can see all exterior walls are CMU and the front porch walls are pony walls with the lower wall being CMU. I looked at the wall defaults and it seems good to me. On the pony wall it only lets me show either upper or lower portions of the wall. Is that correct? Thanks for any help
  4. hi all, i'm trying to mimic a existing layout of a house to develop plans for a add-on. i've attached a pic of the structure. it has a combination of barn and gable roofs in a single plane. i've tried everything i can think of. i've tried building it as a dormer, separating the barn style by making it a separate room. i can't get it to produce multiple styles. any ideas? home designer pro '2014