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  1. texmex

    Elevation Frustration

    Thank you for your responses but after some desperate clicking and unclicking I finally found the problem. I had to click on edit> edit behaviors> and uncheck "edit object parts". After I unchecked it I was able to change the elevation.
  2. texmex

    Elevation Frustration

    (I'm using Chief Architect: Better Homes and Gardens Home Designer Pro 8.0) I want to build an outdoor deck, but wanted to fix the elevation first. (I'm building on big slope on to an exsisting house). I've read the reference manual and reviewed the online videos, but my problem is when I click on terrain tools> elevation line, then I draw my line, click on it and open it up all I get is the line specification window (with 3 tabs: selected line, line style, & arrow) and NO elevation line specification. What am I missing? I've been messing with this for a couple of day and I'm frustrated as hell! please help!