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  1. Resolved ... I already read/viewed "Getting Started", "Creating Hip & Gable Roofs Manually", "Using Gable Roof Line Tool", "Advanced Roof Design", "Preferences and Defaults" etc. before coming to this forum. Documentation and videos helped me successfully build a Clerestory Roof (there are two manual ways) plus assistance from this forum helped me tie a porch gable roof to the clerestory roof. I know the value of good resources. Anyhow, out of exasperation, I started playing with the roof planes, wall heights, rail specs, etc. and resolved the interior wall problem. Unfortunately, I'm unable to share what I did as a tip because there was no order to what I did. Trial and error. I'm a retired Senior Systems Analyst so logic and complex systems are not new to me. Seems my daughter's request for me to design her new home is presenting me with a new challenge. Don't worry, we have an architect that will review our plans and make changes if needed.
  2. I received some great instructions on HomeTalk by David Potter on how to create a gable roof over a porch and it looks good on the outside. At first, I didn't notice that the interior ceiling had a gable too. I want the interior ceiling to remain a shed. I was not specific about this in my earlier request; so again, my inexperience is showing. I've done by best to research this before I asked for help again but I'm stuck. I'm hoping someone will help me with this issue. Gable_protrudes_Into_LR.plan
  3. Thanks so much. This video resolved my problems. Have a great dat!
  4. I upgraded from the Home Designer Suite to Architect to Pro in less than a month. I wanted to resolve some issues with a Clerestory Roof Plan I was developing as well as have the extras that Pro affords. I had successfully created a detailed plan with a shed roof, bump-out and two porches before being told that a Clerestory roof was wanted. Through videos & support documentation, I was able to create a Clerestory roof with a bump-out. My problem lies with the two porches. I need a gable roof over a 14' by 24' patio (back Elevation) and a shed roof over an 8' by 10' back porch (right elevation). I’ve read Support documentation, watched videos and reviewed some Hometalk Forum articles. I tried using the “Straight Rail”, “Porch with invisible walls” and “Build Plane” approach, etc. but I’m still unsuccessful. There was a variety of problems such as erasing the 2nd and attic floor structures to scrambling the 1st, 2nd and Attic level roofs into an awful mess. Attached is my plan. I put slabs where I want the porches to be. I would really appreciate some help. Ready for Porches.plan