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  1. I think it is solved, although it did have an anomaly to it. For an unknown reason to me....it did not apply the selection to the lower half wall that was specified making the configuration change in the wall specifications. It made it a Pony Wall as prescribed, just kept the upper half configuration. I went into the Material tab and noticed this...see attached.....changed it to drywall and all is good now. Showing exterior wall on the outside and showing drywall internally! Thank you all for the tips and advice! Cheers, Jim
  2. Thank you very much for the reply.....did a bit of RTFM and I think what you are referring to in your reply is the setting "Lower Wall Type if Split by Butting Roof" (See image). If this is the setting you are referring to, then I think I am still doing something wrong or there is a bug....It seems like this is exactly the setting I needed to get the desired result, but checking the box seems to have no affect on my plan. To make sure it was not a corrupt plan I created a new plan just to test it and got the same results....plan attached. TransitionTest.plan TransitionTest.plan
  3. I am trying to figure this out but haven't had any success as of yet....I have a wall that goes through a roof plane.....HDP is treating it as an exterior wall both above and below the roof line. How do I configure it to where it is external above the roof plane and internal below the roof plane. When I change the materials it remains consistent...for example...changing it to sheetrock puts sheetrock above and below the roof plane. Thanks in advance for all your help!