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  1. Thanks Eric, I did search the forums as much as I could before asking my question. By "got lost," I mean that I tried to add a landing, and could not figure out how to do it. I'm new to Home Designer Pro, and was hoping someone could tell me how to build these stairs, as I'm not able to find the answer to my question in the forum or the user guide.
  2. I'm using Home Designer Pro 2022 on Mac - still new to the software, doing my best to build out a house for the first time. I'm trying to build a U-shaped staircase, as shown in the screenshot. I'm drawing over a JPG of an existing floorplan. A photo of what the stairs look like in our house is attached. What I've done so far: 1. Created the second level so the stairs have somewhere to go 2. Build > Stairs > Draw Stairs 3. Drew the first stairs up, and the second stairs up 4. Resized the stairs to fill the stairwell area 5. Tried to add the landing 6. Got lost What's the proper procedure for making stairs like we have in the photo? I've read through the user manual, but can't seem to find how to make these type of stairs. Thank you!