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  1. MikeRum

    Snap Issues

    Many thanks, Eric. That is truly an oddity. I've never seen anything like having a symbol to tell you that you're not using something, but you learn something every day. Anyway, mystery solved. Many thanks for your help. Cheers Mike
  2. MikeRum

    Snap Issues

    Thank you for the video - a clear explanation and very useful. That allows me to move things (using CMD key), but the secondary issue wit the cursor remains - any ideas? See video for explanation. Thanks Mike
  3. MikeRum

    Snap Issues

    Hi, I'm having problems with the angle snap settings. I'm trying to do a furniture layout for a house move and when I try to move objects around they only seem to want to move either horizontally or vertically. There is an angle symbol next to the cursor, but when I check Angle Snaps it is unticked. When I tick Angle Snaps under Edit > Snap Settings the angle symbol disappears but the setting is ticked in the menu. Even with all Snap Settings unticked (and the Angle Snap symbol showing) items still jump around on the screen and try and snap to walls etc. Am I doing something wrong? Is there another snap setting somewhere that I am unaware of? Many thanks, Mike
  4. Hi David, Yes that was it, thank you. I had no idea that the display options was dependent on view, but once you realise that, it's straightforward. Many thanks for your help. Cheers Mike
  5. Hi All, I'm new to HD and still learning so forgive my ignorance. I am trying to produce an orthographic representation of a proposal for the addition of an outdoor AC Compressor which is to be placed in front of a street-facing wall. I need to produce it in orthographic format - i.e. without perspective. I have read through the docs and have discovered Section Views, which I can use to produce these 'flat' views, but when I follow the instructions, the outdoor unit, which is physically in front of the wall is not in the view. It's just the wall and roof. The Compressor is included in the perspective elevation, but not in the orthographic one. I read somewhere that there is a depth parameter which might solve the problem, but I can't find that - is it in another version? Can anyone advise how I might get a view with all the objects in fron of the wall? Many thanks.