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  1. Hi Eric, Thank you for the advice and the resources. I will dig a little deeper into those and try to frame a more specific question if I can't find a solution.
  2. I'm having a difficult time figuring out the correct wall type to use and the order of operations to build this front porch. Below is a list of elements. 1) Cantilevered framing. The upper half is continued siding from the main structure and the lower half is wrapping in 1 x 12 to look like a box beam. 2) Columns supporting the faux beam 3) Brick Piers - "L" shaped 4) Railing and decking Image 1 is a general idea of what it should look like, I put this together with a series of individual elements. I feel like there is a more efficient way to build this. Image 3 is an attempt using ponywalls and raising the floor to what is now the bottom of the faux beam. I've also included a photo of the actual house, note my model has more columns. The other component to this is that the porch ceiling is about 6" shorter than the adjacent rooms which is throwing off my roofline. I appreciate any advice you are willing to offer. Jason