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  1. Hi all, whenever I zoom out of my plan my dimensions start getting really cluttered and occupy most of the space. I have already selected all of them and set them to 0.5'' size but that did not help my case. Whenever I am zoomed into my plan everything shows great, however when I zoom out it becomes a clutter. How do get the dimensions to stay small as I zoom out so I can put this in layout file? Issues with dimensions on zoom out.pptx
  2. See attached the file that has two elevations, one in color and one in black and white. When I go to print it always come out black and white. To get it to come out in color I have to have ONLY color elevations or images. Home Designer Pro 2022 Windows 10 Pro - 64bit Intel Core I7@2.2GHZ 16GB Ram NVIDIA GForce GTX 1060 Lazy Meadow 3-4-2022 Ver 31 - Dual Color Elevation.layout
  3. I have created a layout that includes black and white elevation and a colored elevation. When I go to export to PDF I choose the bubble "print in color" however the print still comes out in black and white. Can export to PDF not work for color renderings? Software: Home Designer Pro 2022, Windows Version