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  1. I've gotten much closer, but I'm having trouble extending the railing posts up to the sloped ceiling. I've tried putting railings on the attic level, but that doesn't seem to do it. The second floor is specified to have the roof over it. Not sure where to go next, can't find something similar in the knowledge base. Ron's Gazebo 1.plan
  2. I want to add a shed-roof-covered patio above my garage. The "walls" will just be 6x6 posts that hold up LVL joists for the roof, essentially making it an open-air patio with a cover. I couldn't figure out how to represent that, so on this image you see solid exterior walls on the second floor. I want these walls to just be 6x6 posts on 6' centers (see the hand drawing. Any tips on how to draw this?