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    Outlet for Kitchen Island Side

    Thanks - works perfect. The selection is not an issue (at least not so far). I can select the soffit 'panel' and then tab to get to the zero depth wall. And, yes: It will be a GFCI of course (was just running a quick test, and the regular outlet was quicker to add)
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    Outlet for Kitchen Island Side

    I'm building a custom kitchen island, cabinets in the front and back. I need power inside the island (for a wine fridge) as well as on the side, so I was thinking of adding a 5-7" gap in between the cabinets, and covering the sides with a panel (to be done in any case) Outlets would then be behind the fridge in the floor, as well as on the side panel under the countertop. The floor outlet is not an issue to be added to the plan - but the side panel outlets will not be accepted as the panels are not walls. Soffits and Partitions won't work. I've tried half-walls - but I can't figure out how to assign a custom wall type to them in order to get them to the correct thickness (3/4") The only trick I found is to create an invisible wall in front of the soffit - but that obviously creates a gap from the soffit to the outlet back (and it seems rather complicated) Any better ways of achieving this? Thanks Patrick Simple island without panels or outlets: The soffit/hidden wall solution: The gap issue with that solution: Gap not visible in this camera view: HD Architectural 2016