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  1. Thanks Solver. I searched for shadow and nothing came up. Don't know why I didn't search for black. Here is a link to the solution for others whom may stumble across this:
  2. I got a new computer, backed everything up from old one. Installed HDP 2021 onto this computer, transferred my license number. Imported files. Everything was going great until I did a 3D rendering of my build. The roof, pool, some of the block walls, some tables, posts, etc. are just a solid black color now. I tried to change the roof to red shingles just to see if it would refresh, but it didn't. I checked some older versions I had saved, same thing with those. Any ideas? It's a better computer now than old one, so doubt it is hardware that can't render. Maybe a setting or update I need to do or something? Attaching a screenshot.
  3. I'm sure I clicked or unclicked something that I wasn't supposed to, but I can't figure this out. When I click on my non-liveable space (garage, patio, etc.), it is highlighting the entire residence as the object. I just want to click into the garage, like any other liveable room, but it's not letting me select the garage. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks. Here is an image of what happens when I click inside the garage. it does not do this when I click inside the liveable portion of the house.