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  1. Is there a way to create an upper cabinet with vertical "shelves" or separations for cutting board/baking sheet storage? If I want it to look like the image I've posted where there are no cabinet doors, I suppose I could create an "opening" in my floor-to-ceiling cabinet above the oven and then manually create shelves and place them. But, is there a more efficient, "correct" way to do this? I'd also like the option of having the storage rack behind cabinet doors. I don't see where I could make that happen in Home Designer Pro 2022. Thanks for any help!
  2. Previously I was trying to "nudge" my top rail block to be placed above the half wall but it wouldn't work. After playing around more I found that if I made the half wall "invisible" I was able to place the hand rail block and then make the wall "visible" again and it worked....don't know why but it did! Is there a more direct way of going about this for future?
  3. I'm using Home Designer Pro 2022 edition and am stumped. I'm working on a remodel and want to add an extension onto the existing railing in a loft space rather than demoing the existing pony wall and starting from scratch. I've modeled the space as is and then just created an architectural block using the soffit tool to make it look the way I want BUT I'm not able to stack my metal hand rail block directly ON TOP of the existing railing. I originally drew the loft wall as a "railing" and also tried it as a "pony wall" but either way I'm not able to stack my block on top. Any help is appreciated! See photo for reference.