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    Does Home Designer Pro have the symbol to show when the concrete foundation is dropping? I forget what it called, but it looks like a couple of half circles shows a step down in the finished height of the floor Thanks - John
  2. I just downloaded the new home designer pro 2016. It is taking some getting used too. The tool bar seems to have changed on its own. The save icon was on the screen for one project, then disappeared. The next project I started didn't have the save icon at all. I'd like to have that on all toolbars all the time. It's been my experience that it I don't save often, I will (not might) lose my work when the software gets overloaded and shuts down. Can someone please direct me to instructions on how to put this icon on the tool bar? Thank you, John
  3. J_Angelo

    2nd floor missing

    I use HD Pro 2014. I just added a 2nd floor to my design. The floor of the entire 2nd floor is missing. Can anyone tell me what I've done or how to fix this? Thanks!