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  1. Thanks, Eric! It's fascinating that, even though that space is 53.5' feet long (or thereabouts), the room was still labeled as 0" x 0". You also pointed out that I had an extra fireplace hidden in there - thanks for that. I've only got Home Designer Suite, so I don't know if there is a better way to show the existing exterior masonry wall (grey) with the new stud walls inside (for insulation, plumbing, electrical, etc.) - Tom
  2. Thanks! 101 Option 2-Floor 2
  3. Thanks, David and Eric. I did try Eric's method, but I'm still unable to find the room. The text keeps reappearing in the same place, and I'm pretty confident that the text is centered over where the tiny room should be, but even marquee-selecting everything in that approximate text box area doesn't result in anything being selected. Does anyone know if there is a way to generate a list of objects in a drawing? Maybe that will help me narrow it down...
  4. I apparently have a 0' x 0' room that I can't select or get the label to hide permanently (see attached image). I'm sure I created it with room dividers, but for the life of me I can't find the dividers to delete them. In addition, when I choose the label text and change the style to a small, white font to hide the text, it disappears for a while, but after some time it re-appears as the normal 8" Chief Architect font in dark blue. I have tried moving other items out of the area around the center of the text and doing a blind drag-over-an-area selection to find it, but nothing gets selected. I've tried Plan Check (it's a REALLY small room) and I'm sure Plan Check is complaining about this room when it reports there is a room that is too small, but it doesn't highlight the room with a circle. This is driving me batty. As I said, I can temporarily hide the text so my printouts don't contain it, but it eventually re-appears as big and bold as ever. Any ideas how to find and remove it? I'm running Home Designer Suite 2022 on a Windows 11 PC. Thanks for any advice... Also... just a suggestion for the Chief Architect folks... The Plan Check highlighter should be something like a thick bright yellow circle instead of a faint black one - it would make the problems easier to find in a complex plan when Plan Check highlights them.