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  1. Thank you. I've added a signature as you suggested. I had Home Designer Pro in the question topic but not the version. I've found Home Designer's training videos extremely helpful, and perhaps gotten a little spoiled by them. I couldn't locate a video related to creating elevation views of the sort that I would expect to see in blueprints.
  2. Thanks - looks like the method is to use a Clipped Elevation view, and set the 'depth' properly. The 'depth' bit is the part I was missing I think.
  3. I am creating Layouts from my Plan and want to include an Elevation view to show overall floor and ceiling elevations. I'd like the elevation view to look like the view displayed when you select a Room, shown below. The only Elevation views I know how to create all display surface finishes, like the second screen shot, which is not what I want to put on the drawing. Is there a way to create views like the first screen shot? thanks