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  1. chiefuser1129

    Roof issue

    I have a couple issues with my roof, cannot seem to generate what i want. As you see in the picture the roof doesnt quite match. The top ridge should match all the way. And the ridge on the bay also doesnt match. any suggestions? thanks Home designer architectural 2021
  2. Yeah you're right on the bay window (B) it was off. Do i set pitch on wall A, if so it doesnt work. It default to a gable wall. The line on top should match all the way the pitch should match. and also the bay window rafter doesn't meet on top like the actual picture. Thanks
  3. Ok the gable looks pretty good now .. now the rest of the roof i have to fix. If i cant edit the roof lines im not sure how i should proceed then. Heres a picture of the top view actual and CAD
  4. I think i understand what you mean. What do you do with the floor sticking out following the invisible wall? Also can you edit the roof lines after generated?
  5. I'm trying to do gable roof with different pitch over bay window. Software wont generate what i want. Thanks in advance See attached pictures Home designer architectural 2021
  6. No necessarily the windows and doors but more of the bay shape and sizes. I found it hard to define
  7. Ok thanks! .. i had a bay window that id rather not temper with but i guess i will have to.
  8. I was wondering if I can change the wall type to pony wall on existing wall in order to have stone on the bottom. I just purchased home designer architectural 2021