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  1. Hi! I am trying to have vertical slatted panels at the bottom and top of the stairs while retaining the horizontal flooring and steps. Is there a trick to this as I just can't do it.Sliding walls.plan
  2. Hi, In elevation view, I have multiple depth wall cabinets, The less depth cabinet, while butted against a deeper cabinet is creating crown molding on the butting side. Is there a way to control what sides the crown is on? Thanks!
  3. That did it. Seems like I need to move the positioning or delete and replace full camera as it dulls out with each edit.
  4. I have a very dark room due to customers selected colors and materials. The room has two massive windows which are on the hidden walls(not in pic) I was able to up light the coffered ceiling which is cool but I need a better illuminated pic to present to my client. Any suggestions?
  5. So I appreciate that. I actually tried creating a filler or inserting a side panel without success. This works for the visual but not for a shop plan. Thanks again!
  6. Yes, joining sides are set to 1.5" but as you join them, it automatically changes.
  7. Thank you @solver The file is attached here. Stile2 question.plan
  8. Sorry I am trying to upload but I am getting server errors.
  9. Good morning. I am placing two base cabinets together and wanting a blind corner. When placing cabinets together, HD Pro23 increases the styles when attaching the boxes thus changing my drawer sizes. Am I missing how to disable this feature. Thanks in advance for the help.
  10. Thanks for the advice. This is how it came out.
  11. Good morning, I am trying to add a crisscross type of shelf to an open cabinet. I tried drawing lines but need a full camera view when done. I have also tried to angle shelves without success. What is shown in my pic is a wine storage unit which is okay but not what I al looking for as it has more spaces than I need. Any help would be greatly appreciated. -D
  12. This needs to be a fluid transition between Shelves on the left into the right. Would prefer not to use a niche. Would like to place an angled down shelf on top of shelves and partitions.