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  1. Thanks for the advice. This is how it came out.
  2. Good morning, I am trying to add a crisscross type of shelf to an open cabinet. I tried drawing lines but need a full camera view when done. I have also tried to angle shelves without success. What is shown in my pic is a wine storage unit which is okay but not what I al looking for as it has more spaces than I need. Any help would be greatly appreciated. -D
  3. This needs to be a fluid transition between Shelves on the left into the right. Would prefer not to use a niche. Would like to place an angled down shelf on top of shelves and partitions.
  4. That worked! Thank you for your help. Is there a way to pitch downward a shelf? (higher of the left, lower on the right.
  5. Here is a crude screen grab of what I am trying to do in a simple form. TY
  6. Hi and thanks in advance... I am designing a closet where the ceiling is angled down on the right side from 96" to 81". I would need an open shelving unit, with a top, that is angled to conform to the ceilings drop. I searched but couldn't find online help so I am asking the forum for some help. Thanks - DD
  7. DaveDi

    Custom cabinet doors

    Hi Eric and I did and that is why I posted my question. It was only after you asked me to redirect my question to the Q & A. Once posted there, I did see a similar post with a very informative video link. Thanks.
  8. Hi and I am new here and new to HD2022 Pro. I recently started to work in HD2022 pro designing kitchens and I was wondering if there was a way to create custom cabinet doors? I was looking for a shaker style door where it would be one continual front with glass at the top third. I didn't like the way HD2022 uses a two door type of design vs a one pc style. Is there a way besides stacking and overlapping cabinets to create this? I have attached a pic of what I am trying to accomplish. The cabinet to the left is what HD2022 wants to do and the cabinet on the right is what I prefer. Note the reduced size rail between panels and no door separation. Opening the door would expose the entire interior of top and bottom. Thank you in advance for any help or advise as it is greatly appreciated. Forgive me if I placed this post in the incorrect location. Admins; please redirect if needed. David