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  1. Thanks! That's actually exactly what I ended up doing. I wasn't sure if it was the correct way, but it's what worked the most reliably.
  2. Thanks. Yeah, looking at the Autocad drawing, it doesn't appear to be a high ceiling room unless there's no way for that to be represented on the 2D plan. Looking at the side renders I attached, the siding is different (it's board & batten at the bottom and fiber siding at the top. I was thinking maybe there's some trick to doing this in the attic? I tried that but it just stuck up through the roof. I guess I could try adding a room divider in that section, make it taller and then make those walls a pony wall with BB at the bottom and siding at the top? Is that the correct way to do it?
  3. I'm using Home Designer Pro 2022 and I have three items on an elevation I'm working to recreate from a 2D Autocad drawing that I'm struggling with and could use some help. The first is there is a little "tower" type of accent with three small windows that I can't figure out how to add. And second, I can't seem to figure out how to do a Bahama shutter. I read to just place a regular shutter, but the only ones I see in the library come in pairs. I'm attaching screenshots of what I'm trying to build and what I have done. Thanks for any help!