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  1. Hey Solver, thanks for your reply. Yes the very first section To prepare to draw the structure on #2 - In the 1/4" Scale Dimension Defaults dialog, on the Locate Objects panel... this dialog/option is not available in HDP and i suspect there are many more instances of these instructions that do not translate from Premier into HDP.
  2. Hey guys please see link below for reference.... i was wondering if anybody has any similar content about pole barn design that would be compatible with Home Designer Pro ? The link below contains wonderful information but it only applies to Chief Architect Premier. Also i found a sample plan (attached) that includes all of these settings in action specifically for a Pole Building but it was done in Premier so i can not edit it. I am new to the products so i am hoping to find some help to give me a kickstart with what i want to do. I want to build a home with post frame construction (pole barn as some ppl call it.) Thanks in advance! Designing a Traditional Pole Barn Spole-building.ziptructure (