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  1. kart97

    Tray and Vaulted Ceilings and wall affects

    The videos helped a bit before I even completed what I did... But I watched them again and saw part of what I had done wrong. On the room with the vaulted ceiling I had not started the ceiling plane at the outside of the top of the wall plate... I started on the inner edge. By correcting the edge I now have walls that go to the ceiling. I tried redoing them from scratch initially and had some other issues related to the roof. My roof planes don't actually go in the direction of the ceiling so they end up having to be rotated, etc. I ended up just changing the edge of the wall to resolve the issue. I still have a minor issue related to the wall at the end of the stairwell... see the new picture. Is there a way to make that go all the way to the ceiling? On the room with the soffits... I probably should have better explained the problem. The first four sides that actually touch the walls were not the problem. It was getting the angles on the corners to create the octagonal effect. The soffits only allow me to create rectangles... and they don't bump nicely into the corners. Is there an easy way to do this using polylines or something similar. Thanks for all the help so far.
  2. Hi Everyone... I have just become bald ... ripping my hair out.. trying to figure a couple of things out. 1) I setup a tray ceiling using... see attached pic. I raised the ceiling after turning off auto-rebuild roof... then I placed the soffits as shown. Getting the corner pieces in place was a real chore and it seems as though there might have been a better way. I even tried poly lines but I don't understand all the functionality yet. Any suggestions to redo this properly would be appreciated. 2) In another room on the same plan I built a vaulted ceiling... see second attached pic. Why don't my walls go all the way to the ceiling? I spent no less then 2 hours trying to figure out just how to get the low edge of the ceiling plane to match the existing flat ceiling plane for the adjacent room... and that seemed like a crap shoot with eyeballing in 3d mode. Is there an easy way to do these things. I buy software to make the blueprints easy... I could have manually built it in the same time. Thanks for any help... and I apologize for being so frustrated.