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  1. Resolved by CA support. That was a fast turnaround, very appreciated! Quoting CA support to help those who will run into this issue: "The reason this is happening is because Suite and Architectural don't have line weights. When those plans are brought into Pro there is a setting that is automatically checked in File> Print> Drawing Sheet Setup called "Use 1 For All Line Weights". You'll want to toggle this off. Also, you'll want to set "A line weight of 1 = 1/" box to 100mm (put 100 in the box and then the dropdown to mm). This will take care of the issue, but you will have to do this on every plan file you bring from Architectural to Pro."
  2. Eric, I have used the Copy/Paste commands to copy a drawing from an Arch native plan to a Pro native plan and the copied CAD elements behave as they should. Cumbersome procedure but it's working. A modified line weight in the native Arch file copied to a native Pro file will have its line weight displayed correctly. That means the weight attribute can be changed but not displayed in a native Arch file. Ticket is open and they are looking into it. Thanks for your help.
  3. Files attached: ARCH FILE: created and saved in Architectural 2021 ARCH TO PRO: previous file opened and saved in Pro 2022 PRO FILE: created in Pro 2022 The native PRO file allows for the CAD line weight to be modified in PRO; the native ARCH file does not allows for such changes in PRO. PRO FILE.plan ARCH TO PRO FILE.plan ARCH FILE.plan
  4. Background: CAD objects cannot have their Line Weight modified in Architectural, and have it locked at 18. CAD objects created in Pro can have their Line Weight modified, by instance or layer, then displayed and printed accordingly. Issue: My plans were created with HD Architectural 2021. I recently upgraded to HD Pro 2022. These plans created in Architectural were opened and saved in Pro. The migrated plans did however not allow the function "Line Weight" to work as intended in the Pro version: a CAD object present in the original Arc plan file or a CAD object added with Pro in a migrated plan file cannot have its Line Weight changed. Changes of the line weight in the dialog box have no effect on the display, print or layout. The line weight stays displayed at 18, whatever value entered in the Line Specification dialog box. The object behavior appears inherited from the original Architectural file and prevents Pro enhanced functions to work. This is particularly critical for mechanicals when CAD line weights are significant. Has anyone bumped in the same issue and found the fix? Any other compatibility issue?