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  1. rurorelroy

    Sample Plans in 2016?

    am i not allowed to ask questions here david?
  2. rurorelroy

    manual bay windows

    that setting doesnt make a difference. anyone else?
  3. rurorelroy

    curved stair lift

    sorry i did a poor job of explaining. i have a symbol from the 3d warehouse for the chair. what i need to know is how to create the lift rail along the curved staircase. "use your imagination" is a poor idea given the advantage of this software is to model in 3d. if i wanted to just use my imagination i wouldnt have got the software in the first place. thanks
  4. rurorelroy

    curved stair lift

    how would you create this in home designer suite 2016?
  5. rurorelroy

    manual bay windows

    i am following the instructions creating manual bay windows, but i cant seem to get the window casing to meet at the corners correctly (there shouldnt be any siding between windows), and theres always a weird gap down near the bottom. Help!
  6. rurorelroy

    Sample Plans in 2016?

    I just upgraded to 2016, and it looks like they got rid of all the sample plans and just link to the Home Designer website. Has anyone else noticed this or am I missing something?