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  1. Yes, that's exactly what I've seen too. I just can't find a way to do it in HD Pro '14 without manually drawing a spline with an arrow (which prevents the software from properly labeling 3-way switches, etc).
  2. Is it possible (using HD Pro 2014) to have an electrical connection span between two floors? For example, an upstairs hall light that can be controlled by a switch at the bottom of the stairs, or a two-story entryway with a chandelier mounted to the second floor ceiling and switch by the 1st floor entry door. Professional CAD techniques usually involve sending the connection spline down the stairs with an arrow on the end, and picking it up on the next floor. I can do this manually, but wasn't sure if there was a key sequence or something I could be doing to use the built-in connection tools.
  3. ereisch

    View "categories"

    Does anyone know of a way you can create layer view "categories" to rapidly switch beween different display options? For example, if I am editing the framing of a structure but want to switch back to a normal view (with framing disabled) to measure where a reference item is, it would be nice to have a menu (or some other) option where you could just rapidly switch between a series of user-defined view selection categories. I've also found that having furniture, appliances, etc, turned on in the plan view drastically slows down pan and zoom operations, but without going through the layer display options every time I want to turn these things on or off, switching between things like "framing design" and "room layout" can be a time-consuming process. Thanks in advance. HD Pro 2014, but hope to be up to 2016 in the next few months.
  4. ereisch

    Foundation Piers

    Using HD Pro 2014, I'm trying to create a pier in the middle of a beam I've drawn in the foundation level. Perhaps I'm drawing things in the wrong floor, but on floor 0 (foundation), I've drawn a series of floor beams (1 3/4" LVL) from one side of the foundation to the other (side topic -- feature request: beam pocket in foundation block). Since my span is too far for a single beam, I'm putting in a double beam with a series of staggered butt joints. Obviously, I'll need to put a pier beneath each with a steel column at the joint. However, when I try to place a "Round Pier" or "Square Pad" (which I presume is what I need) below this beam, it complains about not being able to place a pier away from a wall. Should I be drawing the floor beam (which the first floor joists will be resting upon) on the first floor instead of the foundation? Or is there something I'm not seeing to get a pier in the middle of my crawlspace? Thanks in advance.