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  1. Ho do I get the siding and wall to continue up the roofline? Right now there is a big gap. If you rotate the camera angle you can see straight through.
  2. I am using Home Designer Pro 2021. I tried doing a shed roof. I made the side walls full gable walls, the back wall a high shed wall, and the front wall a knee wall. I adjusted the pitch and was able to get the roof line to come close to the existing gable roof. I cannot get it to fill in to the siding/wall section that should be running on top of the gable roof like in the photos I posted.
  3. I am trying to draw an existing house before a big renovation. I cannot get figure out the proper way to do the shed roof for the back of the house and covered patio. It is a simply shed roof over the master bed and bath that extends over the back porch. I will have the same issue with the front porch but Im not there yet. Please help!