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    Unable to merge stair sections for winder corner

    Thanks for the advice. I'm finding one part of it confusing, though. Both of you, David and Kbird1, have said I need to be careful getting things right in the vertical. But when stair sections are joined using a landing, and they merge into a single object, HD Pro handles the Z relationships for you -- joining one section to the next and representing them as "Section # 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, ...". It sounds to me like what I'm hearing from you is that there is not an analogous merging if there is no landing. Instead I must manipulate the vertical position of each section independently myself. Is this right? How does one even set the vertical start of a stair section? I do not find a "Distance from floor" field on the stair dialog, and HD Pro's Transform/Replicate dialog seems to ignore an attempt to shift a stair section with a "Z Delta" move. Thanks again for your help. Really appreciated. (P.S. Since this is a tough -- but not uncommon -- thing to need to do in HD Pro, it seems like a good topic for a tutorial video, no?)
  2. Hello, I have HD Pro 9.0. I've been using it for several years off and on. Three years ago I got my HD Pro house design permitted. It's framed, dried in and I'm now working on HVAC ducts. You could call this house a 'bucket list' project. I'm trying to use HD Pro on a different project now -- a remodel, where I need to tuck some basement-to-first story stairs around a corner, using winders instead of a landing at the corner, in order to get enough treads into the available length. I'm trying to follow the instructions offered at http://www.homedesignersoftware.com/support/article/KB-00486/. The trouble is that I cannot get the stair sections to "merge" as they do in the instructions. I have no trouble getting sections to merge if I click to create a landing, but I don't want a landing; I need winders. HD 9.0 doesn't look exactly like what the instructions show; when you drag out a stair section it has no round 'handle' at the top as shown in the instructions. Each end-to-end stair section I create remains separate. A camera shows that each begins again at the ground level, instead of at the height the previous one ended. When I open a section I see just the specification dialog for that section, rather than for all of the sections together in the same dialog, numbered 1, 2, ... Is there a trick I need to know? Or a bug in HD Pro 9.0? I can paste in some images if the situation isn't clear. thanks for any suggestions - Steve