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  1. Does any one have a usable Half round windows with radius type grids or now of a way of doing this on chief architect? Their are fixed sets but nothing to just add to a custom window size? Attached is an example?
  2. Interior walls in a Cape code bungalow style dormer? Is their a way to create inside walls in a second story dormer that will not pop out of the roof? Half walls work as dividers but you can add anything but open doorways....
  3. Thanks guys, I finally took the time to figure out how to import these things!!
  4. Fish tank or aquarium. Anybody have a zip file with any Fish tank or aquarium stuff?
  5. andrewcali

    Shiny surfaces

    Does anybody know why Shiny surfaces such as chrome, stainless steel, polished aluminum show up a dull black in 3-d?? The mirror setting does not seem to effect this as well.
  6. Never mind I figured it out!! this tutorial helps
  7. Has anyone found a way to make a true circular counter top, drive way, flower bed etc... The arch tool ( on custom counter tops, flower beds, driveways etc..) bows out only..will not let you arch inward. How can I make an IN-WARD arch? (an arch that bows in- to mach the other side bowing out) To create a true circular counter top like the one in this photo................ Or driveway....etc... I am aware of this tutorial. It does not solve the issue.
  8. Incidentally, what a ridiculous amount of easily forgettable knowledge, (if not used every single day) one must memorize & carry around just to build a simple wall with minor changes using this software.
  9. THANKYOU KAT!! You have done what tech support could not do "listen to the issue" thanks again
  10. thanks katalyst I'll try that...
  11. KBIRD...Its not Loft or mezzanine......which would work for a (raised office). I'm trying to build an enclosed office or structure with shorter walls & ceiling. like an enclosed office with a lower ceiling within a large warehouse. Or a paint booth within a body shop..the problem. is when you try to make a wall shorter than the rest it appears not let you use doors or both ceilings. Their are ton of application you simply cannot do with this software..It's a MAJOR FLAW.
  12. The half wall/ railing seems to be flawed! I'm trying to build an office or structure with shorter walls than the building around it like an enclosed office with a lower ceiling within a large warehouse. #1 I have found that you must remove the ceiling on one of the structures or it creates a halo wall over the room....."not that big of a deal except they don't tell you this!!!!!!!! #2 when you remove one of the ceilings it works, but then it will only allow you to place door opening, no garage door regular door etc... This is a MAJOR issue..& so far tech support sends me to the VERY poorly & technically incorrect worded half/wall/railing partial wall instructions. (they tell you to build a wall then put a railing on it Does anyone half a solution? I may send the software back over this issue... tech support seems to be not listening to the problem.
  13. Chain link gates do not appear to work at all? Has anyone else noticed this?
  14. When I try to print a 3-D image the preview window is only picking up and printing the top left corner of the 3-D image. I have watched the print video....I'm getting no answers?? Any suggestions?
  15. Thank's DJP, I tried that before, but just realized I needed to un-check the hide intersection by terrain button to cover the structure.....
  16. Has anyone come up with a way to do a tunnel or a bunker? I have done a tunnel by losing the walls on a structure & then changing the slab to other materials but I have a ring of exposed walls? How do I cover the exposed top walls or is their A better way to do a tunnel completely under ground?working with Chief arch..Architectural version.
  17. Thanks, actually I have boosted the 4gig to 8 (forgot to post that)..I'll look into a video card upgrade....
  18. andrewcali

    Computer speed

    I am working on an Intel Celeron processor 2.41 4GB ram. The I have a much faster I5 (much faster operating system) but its not mobile. Will it make a difference particularly in the time it takes to go 3-D and bring up items with a faster processor than the celeron??....or is the time limited by the the software? It's taking about 3-6 seconds to bring up the 3-d perspectives...You guys that have it loaded to a really fast system IE: I5 I7 or even Quad core..does the program load faster?
  19. After making a few changes in the 3-d perspective "doll house" ....I lose the abillity to do anything but pan & it forces me to reboot the pan window? I am assuming because it has saved that window with the their any way to bring the movement back without starting another window. Architectural designer 2016