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  1. I did but I did not see until now that there is a "half circle" which I didn't see originally because it didn't have the word stair or curved in it. However, with as helpful as that is, the one in the library only has 3 stairs and I need 4 but I did figure out how to round off the stairs the way I needed and just did a curved slab in the middle opening to get closest look but thank you for the recommendation and I now know I can use that half circle for other similar situations so I appreciate your help!
  2. Hello, I am trying to make my exterior curved stairs look like this: But all I seem to be able to make it do is look like this: What I am trying to do is make the top stair or landing to be much deeper and then the last three stairs to be equally parallel with each other if that makes sense? Any suggestions on how to properly create this look would be much appreciated! Thanks, Carla B.