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  1. Eric, thanks for your reply. I have changed my signature as requested and have spent hours looking at/searching the sources offered without success. The foundation along the side of the house slopes downhill (a grade beam) following the slope of the terrain (-18 degrees). The sill plate is continuously roughly 16" above grade. [i.e. not stepped]. The floor above it is of course level so the cripple wall that supports it grows in height as it progress toward the back of the house from a few inches to about 9'. How do I represent this in HD Pro 2018? Any help would be appreciated. Steve
  2. I am using HD pro 2018 and need to create elevation views of a house on a down sloped terrain. The foundation along the sides of the house slopes down (i.e. a grade beam) while the top of the cripple wall obviously has to be level. How do I do this ?