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  1. Thanks so much Jo-Ann and David! I will test your advices! Very learningfull to see you work David, but I feel a little bad not having said to ignore the "strange" garage roof. The garage roof is a flat concrete terace - but when rebuilding the house roof the zero angle of the garage roof gets deleted and roof gets rebuild, so the last thing I do when ready is to set garage roof pitch to 0. Maybe there are smarter ways... I understand why the design on the garage may look strange, but the part without building on top is the neighbours, and the garages are just on the property border. So the house on top is like 60 cm into our property to make it possible to maintain without having to walk in to the neighbour =). The garages exists today but will be teared down and rebuilt. Neighbours garage will be rebuilt exacly as today and ours is to become deeper and broader and with the house on top. Attaching a photo of how it looks today - not a too pretty sight... Once again, many thanks! JohanNuvarande garage.pdf
  2. I think the issue is related to the software thinks there is a wall at the end, and you see it in plan view, but is not deletable.. just becomes visible/invisible when you try to delete.
  3. Hi! The building does not exist. The roof should look like in the first picture in the post, which is the original file. Now I am creating an option 2 by reducing the size of the on top building, but fail in getting the roof ok. I printed the erronuos file and tried to manually point out what i try to achieve in below file. Br Johan
  4. Attefall Garage+komplementbostad + trapphus.plan How helpfull! Many thanks! Pls let me know how it was fixed. /Johan Attefall Garage+komplementbostad + trapphus.plan
  5. Looking at the plane view it seems there are walls surrounding the open square in front of the staircase door. Trying to delete it and it becomes visible and it goes up to the upward pointing roof plane, so the problem seems related to this "remaining" wall. So strange that the very outer part (above entrance door) follows the wanted pitch and stops were intended. I have deleted the roof plane a regenerated several times with the same result. How do I take a way this wall that seems to be the problem?
  6. The piece of roof pointing right up should be bent down as the other part and finish at the wall, not extending over the square in front of the door.
  7. Hi! From the “original” drawing I have reduced the size of the small house on top of the garage by 2 meters, keeping the garage size below the same (staircase now within the garage walls. ) I just want the roof to shape as on the original design. Only difference is that there is a “square “ of the garage with no building on top. Hope it make it clearer =)
  8. Hi! Using Home designer pro I have created a garage with a smaller house on top. At the backend there is a staircase down to the garage. So far everything is OK and I have made my application to get build permit. But in case I need to modify my application and reduce the size of the smalller house slightly, I am trying to modify the design as below, but the roofs behave so strange and I do not manage to get it right. Any ideas? Br Johan