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  1. Question is, how do I extend the main ceiling plane all the way to the invisible wall delineating the kitchen and not have it follow the gable roof plane as it does now? Look at the attachment with an interior camera view looking at the kitchen. I don't know how to do this. Is there a video? Don't know how to save images yet, but if you work off the attachment I already sent and look at the elevation or framing perspective, you can see the height of the exterior wall where the deck attaches is higher than the default setting. This is my problem, I do not want this wall higher, I want the deck false wall lower. How do I keep the exterior wall the same and make the false wall lower, and make the two differently sloped roofs join?
  2. I am working with professional 2021. Dave
  3. farm5.plan This is my first design. Going OK til I got to the deck. I want a roof, joists sitting on the top plate of the house front exterior wall, sloping down to a shorter post and beam at the front of the deck. (I made this an invisible wall) Not sure what the eventual height of this wall will be, but I don't see where to set it anyway. The main roof is a 6/12 slope and the deck roof will probably be a 1 1/2 - 2 slope. Need to be able to play with it to see. The problem is that any changes i make seem to raise the height of the front exterior wall, not lower the invisible wall on the edge of the deck. Also, inside the house in the main room I have selected a cathedral ceiling that should come down to the invisible wall at the kitchen, but the hip over the kitchen comes out into the main room and the ceiling follows its roof planes. How do I get the main room ceiling to follow its plane to the invisible wall? Kitchen has a flat ceiling. Thanks, Dave