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  1. Awesome ... I'll give that a try! Thanks Jo Ann
  2. Thanks for your review and input regarding this. In reality ... I doubt the walk-in showers will be constructed as stand-alone "glass islands" within bathrooms. More likely two walls will be glass and the other two tiled room walls. I went the "island room" way because. .. I couldn't figure out how to create two tiled sides for the shower that did NOT extend all the way up to the 10' ceiling of the bathroom? Eventually I'll have to figure it out. Only been using the software for a couple of weeks, so a lot to still learn.
  3. Hi Eric, Once again ... thanks. Some consolation that it has even you stumped! I like your solution, didn't think to try that ... works = good enough for me. Probably won't submit it as a bug unless it reappears and causes other problems in the plan or in generated documentation. Regards Ken
  4. In my plan I have two glass walled walk-in showers in two separate bathrooms. As constructed (the only way I know how to at this point) the software (not me) placed two room dividers at odd places on one wall of each shower (red arrows in screenshot)? I can select the both dividers and hit DELETE, yet they remain and/or are reconstructed? I don't see any negative impact (roofing, square footage, room definition etc.) at this point .... it's just annoying the heck out of me as I can't get rid of them or understand why they were created! Any ideas what's going on? Plan and screenshot attached. Thanks KV Open Plan 2.15 .plan
  5. Hi Eric, Thanks for the quick response and input. Agree, the CAD lines method is too much effort for purely cosmetic gains. At some point when I've completed all I can in Architectural, I'll be upgrading to one of the full featured programs to finish it up. Regards, Ken
  6. Home Design Architectural: MacBook Pro: Catalina 10.15.7 (19H1519) Extension lines end points seem to vary from "close enough" to "not really close enough" (in my opinion) to the features they are referencing. In example shown below, I have a manual end-to-end dimension and want the extension line end point (red circle) to be closer to the wall. I did not see any way in dimension defaults, or by editing the created dimension, to do this. Is it possible, if yes ... how? Thanks!