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  1. I use HD Suite 2016. I created a rail from wrought irom bars but I cannot make the horizontal connection of these bars because the position of these bars cannot be changed from vertical position into horizontal position. Is there a solution to do that?  Thank you. Nelly 


    Thank you David, I made the opening as you told but sorry, I do not know how to make the custom "slab" you mentioned :( Where should I find this "custom slab" ability? The "arch" is o.k.


    hi :) Can somebody tell me how to insert a niche into a wall (see picture attached)? The problem is that I need a thinner wall part behind the niche to cover it at its back and I do not know how to do it. It is possible to make an opening and insert the niche but it cannot be covered on the other side of the wall - or I do not know how to :) I do not know how to level the walls if I would like to make different thicks in the same field. post-2586-0-85369200-1429155495_thumb.jpg


    Can you help me? Thank you.  Nelly