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    Archway (Arcade)

    Problem solved, sorry but I cannnot cancel this post.
  2. Thank you, I've solved with changing the sash
  3. I would like to change the exterior and interior side of the windows because the glass should be at the interior side instead of the exterior side. The program places the glass of the windows closer to the extetior side. Can you help me?
  4. hitya723

    Rotate objects

    I use HD Suite 2016. I created a rail from wrought irom bars but I cannot make the horizontal connection of these bars because the position of these bars cannot be changed from vertical position into horizontal position. Is there a solution to do that? Thank you. Nelly
  5. hitya723


    Thank you all I found the slab and I solved it Nelly HD Suite 2016 on Windows 8.1
  6. hitya723


    Thank you David, I made the opening as you told but sorry, I do not know how to make the custom "slab" you mentioned Where should I find this "custom slab" ability? The "arch" is o.k.
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    hi Can somebody tell me how to insert a niche into a wall (see picture attached)? The problem is that I need a thinner wall part behind the niche to cover it at its back and I do not know how to do it. It is possible to make an opening and insert the niche but it cannot be covered on the other side of the wall - or I do not know how to I do not know how to level the walls if I would like to make different thicks in the same field. Can you help me? Thank you. Nelly