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  1. Is there a way to have a 1 1/2 story garage have the side walls of the shed dormer side wall align with the first floor outside walls. When I try and pull the wall of the dormer over the first story wall is won't align over it. Thanks. Pro 2015
  2. Where do I find how to make a square landing that has 2 triangle stairs. Straight stairs above and below. Don't want curve as show in the attached plan. Thanks, Rich HD Pro 15 Stairs.plan
  3. Hi Trying to design a warehouse with 12 ft ceilings. Inside the warehouse I am trying to have 2 rooms that have 8' walls and ceilings. One of the walls to each room share an exterior wall. Want to be able to store things on top of those 2 walls. Not able to achieve this. Plan attached. HD Pro 2015 Hope this is clear. Thanks Untitled 2.plan
  4. Hi Could someone point me to the right procedure, video or article on how to draw dimensions on the exterior building views in Layout? Thanks, Rich Home Designer Pro 2015
  5. Can this be shown without having to add up the Living Area SF of each floor manually? Thanks Rich HD Pro 2015
  6. Designing a small warehouse with slab foundation and 12' walls. Roof on warehouse is standard gable end roof 4/12. The 12" wall, non gable end, has a normal 3' 0" standard metal entry door. Trying to have a 4'-5' shed roof over that door that comes off the 12' wall at about 9'. No support posts and slab under roof. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks Rich