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  1. Wow, that's fantastic, really appreciate you taking the time to create the video!
  2. Here is a complete picture, The photo is only an example, I'm not trying to draw exactly this house, or that exact feature. I do however wish to draw this 'ribbon' of roof / cornice, or whatever it might be called around the house at the top of the 1st storey.
  3. I'm trying to draw this (see attached file) "cornice roof ??" at the 1st story of the house. But I don't know what it is really called, so I'm not sure what to search for to get help... Can someone help identify what this is called; and even better if you can give me a hint on how to create it (I tried drawing a really narrow deck without railings, and had some success, but I know it wasn't right...). I'm using Home Designer Pro 2021. - Mark.