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  1. Hi @solver Did you find a solution to this? Øystein
  2. In case you don't have 2022, here is a test plan in the 2021 version. test_HD2021.plan
  3. You are right. My mistake. I used to have 2021 until three days ago. The problem was the same though.
  4. Hi and thanks for fast reply. Attached is a test plan, but you can use any plan. The behaviour is the same. Select a room, click calculate materials in room and look at the materials list. It does not contain the wall board material for the chosen room. Test plan.plan
  5. Hi I've been googling, browsing and searching this forum for an answer to a very basic question: How can I get Home Designer Pro 2022 to calculate the wall board materials for a room? No matter what I try the material lists seem to be based on the global Wall Type definitions. Here is what I've done to define the wall material: - Room specification > Materials > Walls = Vertical Panel (the material setting is set to be include in material lists) I've also tried the Paint tool with the same result. Here is what I've done to calculate material: - Select the room. - Tools > Materials List > Calculate Materials In Room - Tools > Materials List > Calculate materials for all floors Result: Wall Board material calculation is based on global wall settings, not room settings. So - no trace of my Vertical Panel Expected result: A list of how much Vertical Panel I need for the room. To my surprise I saw in a 2019 forum thread that this was standard behaviour. This makes no sense at all. I mean, when you click Calculate Materials In Room you expect the program to calculate materials in room, right? To my utter surprise the 2021 version of the program still doesn't seem to be able to calculate wall materials. So please, someone tell me that I have missed a setting or not found the correct way of doing it. Any workarounds? Sincerely, Øystein