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    Shed roofs and extensions

    Hi DJP really appreciate you looking into this for me, this has answered question 2 excellently, my question 1 was making the single storey extension off the main house with a sloping or shed roof with out the automatic additional walls. Is this done in the same manner or is it a different way? A picture of this is attached, thanks v much again chris
  2. cnbuckley

    Shed roofs and extensions

    Hi there I am new to the program and site I currently have home designer suite 10 and I have been getting on fine until I try and build a roof there are two major issues. 1) As you can see from the photo below, I have a semi - detached house with a main shed or half gable roof. Currently there is a single storey extension on back with a shed roof coming parallel off. When I add the four walls at the back of the main property for this extension and put the roof on it automatically puts three walls up to the second floor which I don't need. Please help how I delete these three walls. 2) Issue two is I would like to model an extension with two storey gable end as per the image shown in 2 however I can't work out how to do it, I have made the current structure however putting the extension and roof on it just mades the walls and roof the same size as the main hous, please help thanks chris