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  1. jjocsak

    Roof Issues

    I had a similar issue and had to make the roof type on the 1st floor a shed roof. Look at the attachment to see if this is similar to what you are looking for. Jeff
  2. How do I place newels manually? Jeff
  3. That's true but I need the bottom and top newels but not the middle one. Thanks Jeff
  4. The middle Newel.... I can see it in your screenshot. But My Newels are 5". If you make them larger you will see what I'm talking about. Thanks Jeff
  5. You said, You can remove all newels and place your own manually. But I can't seem to do that in Designer Suite. So I was wondering which Products can do that.
  6. In what products? Thanks Jeff
  7. I need to remove the center newel from the stair run going to the second floor. I changed the newel spacing on the second floor railing to remove the middle post. I don't have that option on the stairs themselves. Is that a limitation on Home Designer Suite or maybe a bug. It seems as though if I can do what I want on the connected railing on the second floor I should be able to do it on the stars . Thanks Jeff Home Designer Suite 2021
  8. jjocsak

    Base meets Case

    I figured out the reason this is happening is because the left and top casing are 4 1/4" and the right one is 2 1/2" . That's how it is in the real word so I guess I have to live with it for now. Thanks for the reply Jeff
  9. jjocsak

    Base meets Case

    How can I solve this issue where the base molding meets the casing face and does not stop but raps around to cover the face of the casing? Thanks Jeff Home designer suite 2021