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  1. Oh my gosh that's amazing work, JoAnn!, Very nicely done! Yes, please do upload the Plan I would still greatly appreciate it!!
  2. JoAnn, I hope you didn't put a whole bunch of time into this as of yet. The entire reason I've been doing this is to start with a reproduction of my home before starting a remodeling process - we wanted to use the software to aid in ideas. We very much by chance met an Architect yesterday at a birthday party our kids were at. We really hit it off and he is now going to be working with us in exchange for a good meal and some good craft beers I shared my experience with HDS and this forum and he was glad to hear of forum of helpful folks like this being available. Thanks again very much, Mick and JoAnn for all your help, you've been great. JoAnn, I'm still willing to try and figure out how we can get you onto a better computer...
  3. Yes the weather down here in New Orleans has been horrendous as of late!
  4. So all we need is a pc that can run windows 7 under normal load, right?
  5. Ok see attachments. Let me know if this is helpful detail or confusing overkill! Note that I identify the house as 3 sections - Left section, center, and right. Hoping those identifiers are fairly obvious. Be sure to see the actual names of the files as I've tried to make them as descriptive as possible. (And yep there's a patio in the rear of the left section adding to the complex roof, but I honestly could care less about that patio's existence in the software model)
  6. Ok understood on the knee walls, however those knee walls worked quite well as exterior walls before I started to get into the madness of the wrapped roof. The second section of the house (middle section) was the one I actually had working pretty well! Anyway, understood on the confusion - stay tuned, detailed diagram with arrows and fun stuff like that on its way...
  7. So just in case this is helpful, I wanted to take a picture of the inside of the room that has the knee walls. Sometimes helps to visualize from the inside.
  8. So it's just an older hardware problem? Wow that is 100% a problem I can solve. I have more pc parts here than I know what to do with...
  9. Thanks again, Mick, I really appreciate any input you may have. @JoAnn, are your installation issues computer-related or Home Designer software-related? Now we're getting into an area I'm actually good at - I'm in IT support. Let me know if I can help with any issues that are related to general computer problems.
  10. Good point for sure, Mick. I'll likely upgrade to Architectural with that said.
  11. These two errors here (attached) are the root of my issues w/o a doubt. The last attachment is the 2D of the FULL upstairs. Note the highlighted knee walls, something you guys haven't had to deal with up until this point. These guys are causing issues. I'm going ahead and attaching my real plan with the full house, in case anyone decides they want a challenge this weekend. If no one touches it at all, I totally understand and I don't expect it at all. The first plan has JoAnn's setting applied to the upstairs at this point - therefore this is basing the roof on the 2nd floor walls, whereas Mick's approach bases it on the 1st story walls. The other one is before I applied any of JoAnn's settings, maybe better off than the first one. Hope you two have a great weekend! Avron1-2 Roof JoAnn Settings 1.1.plan Avron1-2 Roof TestF.plan
  12. @stpete: if you buy HDA you get the money you spent on Suite back as an instant rebate , so you lose nothing by upgrading in the same year..... M. Agreed that at the end of the day I've only spent a total of $200 on Architectural, which is what it costs to a new user, but I was 1.) curious if the additional $100 that I have to spend gets me $100 more worth of features 2.) is there a discount for upgrades such that if you've bought a lower-tier product, then decide to upgrade to a higher one, they will charge you less of the differential amount as a discount (e.g you buy Suite for $99, decide you want Arch, you can upgrade to Arch for say, an additional $75 instead of an additional $99). I don't think CA would do this though, b/c ppl who want Arch from the start would just go buy Suite first then use the discount upgrade to get Arch. Anyway, I'm getting off topic - and if I'm going to upgrade, I would want to go all the way to Pro to really notice the difference in features. That's not something I can afford right now unfortunately.
  13. Good morning - sorry about the delayed response, I was out-of-pocket all day yesterday. Attached as requested. You can now see the entire 1st floor of my plan.
  14. This is what my mess looks like after applying JoAnn's settings. Sorry, all I can do is laugh... I suck at this!