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  1. Thank you, Eric, for taking the time to make a video, I appreciate your help!
  2. Thank you everyone for your help...I obviously have a lot to learn! I was able to create what I want with your instructions, I just can't figure out how to put it at the end of my porch as columns. I built the porch using half walls, so when I click on the walls, the program is calling it deck railing and the the newels/posts are at the end of the porch holding the roof up. If I try to reduce the size of the front wall to make room for the pillars that I created, I lose the roof. If I make the posts "invisible", the program won't let me put my created pillars where they belong on the ends of t
  3. Rookie65 - I looked in the Bonus Catalogs but didn't have any luck finding what I'm looking for. David J Potter - I followed your instructions and was able to create something similar, but what I don't understand is how I can place the object I create where I want it, because my plan currently has posts on each end of the porch already, so I don't know how I can remove the existing posts without destroying my porch. Even if I uncheck newels/posts to make them invisible, the program still won't let me place an object in that space. I'm new to this program and, unfortunately, don't h
  4. I recently purchased the Home Designer Suite to design a front porch and I'm trying to create columns that have stacked rock on the bottom and wood going up to the ceiling, but I can't figure out how to cover the columns with two different materials. Maybe it's not possible with the cheaper version that I purchased? I've attached an image of something similar to what I'm trying to create. Any advice would be appreciated!